Wildlife Repellents For The Garden

Growing a garden can be very rewarding in many ways. The most obvious of course is enjoying the quality and freshness of everything you have grown. Many gardeners agree that working in the garden is great therapy. Just by simply planting a seed and watching your plant that you tended to grow to maturity can certainly be rewarding, not to mention the benefits from the produce that it may bear.

Wildlife Challenges In Your Garden

Gardeners do however face a few challenges from time to time throughout the growing season. One of the biggest challenges can be destructive wildlife. Most creatures have a pretty good memory, and once they have discovered your garden, (their buffet), you can bet that they will return on a regular basis to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The Solutions To Repel Animals From Your Garden

There are many different approaches to solving this problem. With the numerous wildlife repellents available on the market today, it’s sometimes difficult to determine which one might be the most effective.

Considerations When Choosing Your Repellents

The most frequently found are those that advertise to repel deer. With the wide variety available, there are a few things to consider. The first being, how much am I willing to spend to protect my garden? Second, which products are organic? Thirdly, what period of time does the product claim to be effective?

Liquid Repellents

There are products available in a concentrated liquid form that are to be mixed with water and applied regularly. Other products available also come in a powdered form, again requiring regular applications. Some claim to last longer than others. With many of these products, every time it rains, it will be necessary for another application.

Electric Fencing

You can also find electronically controlled scare devices that are placed around the perimeter of the garden.

Natural alternatives have worked in the past, but will still require regular applications throughout the growing season.

Natural Solutions

Some of the most popular natural approaches are the use of eggs, bars of bath soap, and human hair. Some gardeners swear that these techniques repel wildlife, deer in particular. Any or all of these techniques require broadcasting or placement around the entire perimeter of the garden to be effective. As with the products available at the store, these techniques also require regular applications.

Using Fencing To Repel Animals From Your Garden

For the gardener that doesn’t want to keep up with the regular maintenance required for the repellents described above, there are other ways, the most popular being a fence. When considering the fence option, there are a few considerations. What creature am I defending against? This is very important because the answer will determine the height and approximate cost of the fence. Example, if rabbits are the only threat, then a fence 3 feet tall should be adequate. However, if it’s deer that are the threat, then the fence should be at least 8 feet in height. Fences seem to be more accepted in conventional garden situations, but with raised bed gardens, can be more challenging and sometimes become a nuisance. Another consideration of the fence approach is the maintenance involved, such as weed eating around it periodically. It’s always a concern to the gardener as to how the garden looks. We all want it to look appealing, and sometimes a large, obtrusive fence can ruin that natural look.

Cost Considerations For Animal Repellent Types

When deciding on which remedy works best for your garden, the cost must certainly be considered. The products that can be applied regularly are usually affordable, but the process is ongoing. Yes, it can add up over time. The fence approach is an investment that should last for years, but the initial cost can be substantial depending on the size of the garden. Of course, most raised bed gardeners don’t want a fence anyway if possible.

The Garden Commander Solution Designed by a Farmer

Finally, there is an easy and very affordable alternative for gardeners that wish to avoid everything previously mentioned in this blog. The simple solution is “Garden Commander”. Garden Commander products are helping gardeners all over the country with their revolutionary, green approach. No fencing or toxic chemicals necessary ever again. This system allows raised bed gardeners and conventional gardeners the ease and convenience of protecting their gardens like never before. Garden Commanders are constructed of 14 gauge galvanized material and have a life expectancy of many years. In addition to repelling most wildlife, large and small, Garden Commander has several other beneficial uses in the garden.