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Garden Commander Protects your Plants from Hungry Wildlife and Extreme Weather – Great for Garden Rows and Raised Beds – Early Startup and Extend Seasons to.

  • Our row covers create a protective cover for seedlings, sets, and mature plants.
  • Stop deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds & more from eating your garden plants.
  • Great frame for mini greenhouses, frost & shade cloths, netting, and trellises.
  • A “green” product – no chemicals needed, lasts many years, environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use, lightweight, stackable, cost effective and eliminates fencing


Garden Commander protects plants from hungry wildlife and extreme weather all season long. Add plastic sheeting to create a mini greenhouse and start your garden early, apply a shade cloth during the Summer heat and apply a frost cover to extend the Fall growing season. Garden Commander frames offer the gardener other options – trellising vegetables and flowers, supports tall plants, (iris, peonies, gladiolas & lilies), and apply fine netting for insect protection. Made from durable, rust resistant 14 Gauge Galvanized wire, Garden Commanders will last many years. Sets up in seconds; just stack or hang for easy off-season storage.