Gardeners Special – Regular Package – includes 6 Frames and 3 Pairs End Caps


  • 6 Garden Commanders
  • 3 Pairs of End Caps
  • 48” L x 24”w x 26” h
  • Made in the USA
  • 14 Gauge Galvanized Wire – Rust Resistant and Durable
  • Designed for plants 25” tall or less
  • Sold Exclusively by Garden Commander
  • Extra pairs of end caps available @ 10.00 each


Made in USA

For traditional garden rows.

“The Gardener’s Special” Package: 6 Frames and 3 Pairs End Caps

Your garden rows measures 24’ long so you need 6 frames to cover the entire row. Only one Pair of end caps would be required when covering the row. However, additional end caps would be useful when moving from one area to another or changing your garden design.

** Note. This package special could cover: (3) 4’x 4’ raised beds (add 3 extra pairs of end caps), (1) 12’x4’ raised bed or (1) 4’x8’ plus (1) 4’x4’ raised beds (add 1 extra pair of end caps).
* Always wear protective gloves when handling wire products.

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 6 × 29 in

Gardener's Special REG PKG, +1 Pair End Caps REG, +2 Pair End Caps REG, +3 Pair End Caps REG

Garden Commander Protects your Plants from Hungry Wildlife and Extreme Weather – Great for Garden Rows and Raised Beds – Early Startup and Extend Seasons to.

  • Our row covers create a protective cover for seedlings, sets, and mature plants.
  • Stop deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds & more from eating your garden plants.
  • Great frame for mini greenhouses, frost & shade cloths, netting, and trellises.
  • A “green” product – no chemicals needed, lasts many years, environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use, lightweight, stackable, cost effective and eliminates fencing


Garden Commander protects plants from hungry wildlife and extreme weather all season long. Add plastic sheeting to create a mini greenhouse and start your garden early, apply a shade cloth during the Summer heat and apply a frost cover to extend the Fall growing season. Garden Commander frames offer the gardener other options – trellising vegetables and flowers, supports tall plants, (iris, peonies, gladiolas & lilies), and apply fine netting for insect protection. Made from durable, rust resistant 14 Gauge Galvanized wire, Garden Commanders will last many years. Sets up in seconds; just stack or hang for easy off-season storage.