Organic Pest Control

Organic Gardening Help

Garden Commander row covers keep birds, deer, rabbits, and other animals out of your garden.

You CAN have an organic garden without breaking the bank or without difficult installation!

This row cover system we call The Garden Commander, was originally designed to stop deer from eating our gardens. Then we discovered by adding end caps that we could repel smaller animals such as rabbits, squirrels, birds, ground hogs and more.

The Garden Commander system works so well we have decided to share them with you to help you with your pest problems. Our cage system protect gardens without costly, ugly, high, deer fencing. It’s the perfect pest control without using expensive, earth damaging pesticides.

This great new, green product is safe for the environment, and allows you to grow organic gardens. It works on many insects too.

Produced By Third Generation Farmers. We Know Organic Gardening!


We thought about large property owners when we designed our row covers. And we also thought about suburban or urban gardeners who may have a small rooftop garden, or a garden in a raised bed. Our garden cages are deliberately sized to fit a standard raised bed, and work well on rooftop gardens in the city. They keep pesky birds out of your garden too!. They are practically invisible, yet they are durable and stand upright without staking or ropes.


Row Covers fit in raised beds or traditional garden rows

This patented product has been selling at local garden shows in our area so well, we decided to expand online. I am amazed that over the last 6 years, and the thousands we have sold, not one garden commander garden cage has ever been returned!

So, go ahead and grow your garden without worrying about deer and other pests eating your vegetables or plants.

It works for us farmers, so I know it will work for you!
Build Your Own Row Cover Or Buy One Already Built?

Some row cover ideas are to build your garden covers. Here is a list of a few websites who recommend how or why your should build your own row covers, or who sell row covers already built too, and my thoughts on each one:

Harrod Horticulture – It will cost more to build your own row covers here

Foodie Gardner – I am concerned about how sturdy these row covers are to keep out the squirrels and the birds. You need to have sturdy garden covers, especially when the seedlings first appear, as they are the most vulnerable.

Gardmen Fruit Cage Sold On Amazon – Great idea, but a bit large and obtrusive in your garden. It looks to me they will end up costing more than my row covers. Also, how can you use this on long rows of gardens or in a raised bed? – This is a DIY garden cage cover. I actually like the thought process behind it, and I enjoyed watching all his trial and error, as I went through the same thing when designing my row covers. I also like how his protection will work on the taller vegetables in your garden. However, if you have a lot of low height veggies, such as lettuce, bush beans, squash and such, my row covers end up being cheaper, easier, and less obtrusive. And my row covers will work in a traditional sized raised bed too!

Ali Baba Vegetable Cages – This is a good place to compare a bunch of garden cages all on one site. However, there are so many to choose from it can get exhausting. I didn’t find any that were cheaper or better than mine.


Happy gardening by farmer Paul!