Low Cost Deer Fence

Keep Deer Out of Your Garden


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No need to purchase and install expensive fences and gates!

Built like a tank!

Buy once, will last a lifetime if stored properly!

No need to use electric devices that could be a liability!

It’s GREEN, No need to use chemical repellants that wash away in the rain!

They are easy to move around to different plots and are stackable !

Cover with plastic to easily turn them into “small hot houses” for growing early!

Cover with cheese cloth to keep insects off your plants!

End Caps totally contain rows – protects plants from Deer, Coyotes, Hedgehogs, Cats, Crows, Rabbits, Birds, Groundhogs, Dogs, and more!

Garden Commander sections protect your garden plants from Deer, Rabbits, Dogs, Cats, and even the neighbors kids! They are built to last decades and are made with a specially designed tool in order to keep them from rolling up over time. Different heights are available. Regular size – 48 inches long, 24 inches wide and 26 inches high or Tall size -48 inches long, 24 inches wide and 29 inches high.


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Perfect for Long Rows!

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Cover with plastic or insect netting!

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Virtually Indestructible

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No Electric Wires, or Smelly Repellents!

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Why Choose Garden Commander?

  • Perfect garden protection from deer for raised beds, square foot gardens & garden rows!
  • Low profile attractive in appearance, never need unsightly expensive deer fencing again.
  • Stackable, portable, lightweight & the unique design eliminates anchoring, no tip design
  • Constructed of high quality 14 gauge galvanized wire. No rust & will last MANY years.
  • Proven deer repeller that also keeps out groundhogs, rabbits, birds, squirrels & more. Stops wildlife from eating your garden.
  • Cost effective deer fence? Yes! A low cost deer fence alternative. Less expensive and more effective than the other methods used.
  • Environmentally friendly – chemical repellents no longer needed, safe for pets & wildlife too!
  • Cover Garden Commander with plastic to create a “mini greenhouse”, perfect for early spring start-ups & extend the growing season.
  • Frost frame – When frost threatens, cover Garden Commander frame with frost cloth, fabric or plastic to protect your flowers, vegetables or herbs, from deer AND frost.
  • Protection from insects – Cover with a fine net to protect your plants from destructive insects.
  • An ideal choice for tall plant supports such as iris, peonies, gladiolas, lilies & more!
  • Unique design – no need to stake down! Easily moved for weeding & harvesting plants.
  • Available in two sizes -26 or 29 inches height – both in popular 4-foot lengths and 2-foot widths.
  • Clips easily to custom fit your garden footprint.
  • Matching end caps sold in pairs.
  • Garden Commanders are *** MADE IN THE USA ***
  • Organic – sustainable – chemical free gardens are easily achieved with Garden Commander!