How To Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden Naturally

How To Protect Your Garden From Deer and animals

In the last 5 years we have watched the deer population explode on our farm. After watching 100 feet of my vegetable garden disappear overnight I was determined to come up with a solution to keep the deer out of my garden. There are many ways to keep deer out of the garden including deer spray repellents, deer fencing, and electric deer fencing. As a third generation farmer I tried them all, but nothing works as well as The Garden Commander.


With experimenting and determination to rid the deer from my garden I finally developed a garden cover that really works. It’s so versatile that it fits into a standard sized raised bed, but also expands out to full garden rows, no matter the length.

What is different about my deer repellent?

My deer repellent is not a spray. It’s also not high, expensive deer fencing. I like to call our Garden Commanders a cover system to prevent deer from eating your garden. I have sold thousands of these garden covers over the last 6 years at local garden shows with such success that we are now offering them for sale online.

Our Garden Commander’s have a unique A shape that is low profile. This A shape allows for easy stacking for winter storage, or for carrying and moving them to other sections. They also make weeding your garden a snap, as all you have to do is lift the cover, weed, and place it back down.

Even more they are so light weight that even my grandmother could carry them with one finger, yet my covers are so durable that they stand freely without staking and won’t fall over. All you have to do is just place them over your plants or vegetables and they are installed.



What’s also unique about our garden covers is that they fit in large garden rows by overlapping them. But they are small, so they also fit nicely in standard sized raised beds. They even work on a small, urban, rooftop garden. My garden covers even keep the birds out of your garden! This makes them useful for farmers, or hobbyists with small gardens who are looking to grow green.

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What vegetables and plants are deer drawn to in particular?

Deer have a preference for lettuce, swiss chard, bush bean plants, strawberry bed (not the fruit) greens, legumes, and sweet potato leaves. Deer also eat wild flowers, flowering weeds, and non woody plants.

To keep Deer and Elk away spray your plants with egg spray. To make this spray mix 2 eggs (scrambled) with 8 cups of water. Put the mixture in a bottle and spray. Rabbits, squirrels, and most rodents will not go near pepper spray. To keep bugs off your plants, simply rinse them with soapy water. Use 2 tablespoons of dish washing detergent to a gallon. Remember to spray again each time it rains.

Large Deer Fencing

Large deer fencing does work to keep the animals out of your garden. However they are unsightly, difficult to install, and can be very expensive. Here are some links to DIY Deer Fencing installations:

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How To Make Your Duel Perimieter Fence

We learned by tweaking the covers that if you add end-caps, they also repel other animals from your garden including rabbits, squirrels, ground hogs, and birds!


End Caps Are Installed at the ends to prevent deer from eating your vegetable garden


The length of the row determines the number of garden cages to buy. You do NOT need to buy end caps for every section.

Let’s say you have a 20 ft long garden. You would buy 5 garden cages, and only ONE SET of end caps to go on the ends. The Garden Commanders all overlap together nicely so you can go as long on your row as you want to go. Click on my video to see how the garden cages cages overlap together, or to learn how to put on the end caps.


The beauty of our garden cages is that because they are so small, you can protect your rooftop garden, your suburban garden, or even your large country estate garden by scaling them with multiple overlapping cages. They work on all garden settings without any difficult installation or staking. Just simply place them over your garden plants. They are free-standing, or they fit in your traditional size raised beds.

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Our garden cages are designed with a unique A shape that makes moving easy, and they stack easily for winter storage.


Go ahead and grow your organic vegetable garden without worry about destructive wildlife eating your garden. They work for me, so I know they will work for you!

Happy gardening from farmer Paul!