Frequently Asked Questions About The Garden Commander

What are Garden Commanders made of?

They are constructed of 14 gauge galvanized wire designed to stop most wildlife. Each Garden Commander section is lightweight, easy to use and durable – lasting many years. Garden Commander has a unique shape (A-Frame) that allows the sections to be stacked for easy convenient storage. They are rust resistant.

What is a “green” product? Is Garden Commander one?

Garden Commander is a GREEN product! No chemicals are needed to repel wildlife or insects. Animals, produce and pets are safe and Garden Commander can be used year after year, saving you money and worry from chemical effects to our planet, plants and produce! The perfect solution for a happy, healthy garden. This product will stop deer and other wildlife from eating garden plants.

What are other ways Garden Commander can be used?

Garden Commander may also be used as protective “frost frames”. Just cover the frame with sheeting or a frost cloth, when frost becomes a threat. During the summer heat, protect your delicate plants from scorching by putting a shade cloth over the Garden Commander.

When insect infestation becomes a problem, again! Garden Commander cages may act as a frame for netting! Just rinse your plants in soapy water and then clear water, apply the netting over Garden Commander and your plants are happy and well protected. Garden Commander’s frame allows netting to be attached with ordinary clothespins.

Use Garden Commander’s frame for plastic sheeting to create that small, individual greenhouse. Great for early Spring startup and extending the Fall growing season.

Garden Commander’s are a great growing alternative for supporting tall plants like Iris, Peonies, and Glads.

How do Garden Commanders Work?

Once a new garden is planted, the early stages of growth are most important. This is the time young plants are highly vulnerable to wildlife and the damage and destruction they can cause. As the new plants begin to emerge or sets are planted, the Garden Commander should be placed over the rows and remain there for the life of the plant.

Plants up to 29” are protected by Garden Commander

Garden Commander repels wildlife such as deer, rabbits, groundhogs and most birds. Deer have become an uncontrollable hazard to most gardens. Their population growth has exploded and gardeners everywhere are dismayed at the lack of help to control this destruction. So much time, money and hard labor are wasted on one night of deer feasting.

Deer fencing has been the manner of defense, until now. Deer fencing is very expensive, unsightly, and labor intensive. Now Garden Commander can solve these problems. Garden Commanders are cost effective, lightweight, durable, stackable, storable and are very low profile in the garden.

Their design provides easy access to plants, weeding, and watering.

Place each section accordingly and gravity will do the rest. No staking or attaching is necessary.

Once sections are in place, plants enjoy the sun, rain and open air, as if there was nothing else there.

Garden Commanders are perfect for square foot gardening, garden rows and raised beds.

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We’re a family run business owned and operated by Evelyn and Paul McMichael. We personally guarantee the quality of our products.

Why should I buy Garden Commanders?

There are many important reasons to own Garden Commander. Garden Commander is the best row protection system for your garden. Garden Commander is economical, compared to the expensive, tall deer fencing and they are safe for the environment – no chemicals necessary.

Garden Commander is highly durable, easy to use, stackable, and makes gardens secure again.

GO GREEN with Garden Commander! Recycle your defense year after year. And they are made in the USA.