Early Spring Challenges For The Gardener

Early Spring normally excites most gardeners with the prospects of growing the many favorites from the vegetable garden and the flower garden. Planting sets, which are young plants started in greenhouses, and seeds for the garden can require a fair amount of time depending on the size of the garden. Another element that always need to be factored in is the initial cost of everything that is to be planted. As your time and your money are valuable, there is always some element of risk when growing a garden. Examples are: damage from wildlife, a late freeze or frost, and insects. These are all very manageable problems. Protecting your investment has never been easier!
 Let’s first discuss the risk of damage from wildlife. In most cases today, gardeners are defending against wildlife with 8′ tall fencing or the periodic application of toxic chemicals. The benefits are that in most cases these methods do work. However, the downsides are that 8′ tall fencing is expensive to purchase and install. It is usually considered permanent, thus becoming a maintenance issue and usually not attractive in an otherwise beautiful garden setting. I recently spoke with a gardener that just had one of these fences installed. He mentioned that it cost him over $1,500 to protect a 12′ x 20′ area. The access gate alone had a cost $250. It also can become an eyesore and a questionable expense when working with raised beds. I don’t know of any gardener that would want an 8′ fence around their 4′ x 8′ raised bed. The periodic application of toxic chemicals is an alternative. However, it’s certainly not a “GREEN” approach and can be costly. BTW, these applications are normally on a regular basis throughout the entire growing season.
  Thankfully, Gardeners now have a “GREEN”, affordable, “easy to use” alternative that requires no fencing or toxic chemicals. Yes, it sounds too good to be true.
  Allow me to introduce GARDEN COMMANDER garden products. GARDEN COMMANDER
 is a small company based in Northern Virginia that is helping gardeners all over the country by offering an exclusive and unique product line allowing gardeners the ease of protecting their gardens without fencing or chemicals. BTW, GARDEN COMMANDER is a “GREEN” product!
  The GARDEN COMMANDER system has many benefits that go beyond wildlife protection, by also offering a means of protection from the other 2 risk factors mentioned earlier. The 4′ sections or “frames” that make up the GARDEN COMMANDER system also act as structural supports for a frost cloth to be applied when low temperatures threaten. These sections can also be covered with clear 4 mil. plastic sheathing to create the perfect “mini” greenhouse if temperatures dip below 32 degrees. When insects become a threat, again the sections offer as a support for a netting or mesh or be applied. The size of the openings of the netting or mesh will depend on the size of the insect that is threatening.
  Your investment of time and money can now be EASILY protected from the time you plant your sets, and the seedlings begin to emerge from the Earth.
  Gardening just got a lot easier!!
  Please visit us at: www.gardencommander.com for a full and informative explanation.