How To Build A Mini Greenhouse For Cheap

Many of my customers use my garden cages as a mini greenhouse for cheap. They do this to extend their vegetables and fruits late into the fall growing season, or as protection form the hot sun.

Protecting your plants from the hot sun

By covering our garden cages with a shade cloth by fastening them with gold old fashioned clothes pins, they keep the tender plants protected from the blazing hot sun during the day. In the evening just remove the cloth and let your plants enjoy the evening air or the natural rain. My customers usually do this when the weather is predicted to be above 95 degrees for a week or longer. Rather than buying an expensive greenhouse and either building it yourself or hiring a contractor, you can use my garden cage as a mini greenhouse.

Extending the life of your vegetables or fruits

You can use our garden cages as a protective frost frame. Simply attach a frost cloth or a sheeting over the cage and attach with clothes pins. Shade cloths, frost cloths, and sheetings are available at local gardening centers, nurseries, or home improvements stores all across the U.S.

So not only do my garden cages protect your plants from critters, but they can extend the life of your garden through the fall or they protect your plants from the hot sun.

I’m glad my customers give me ideas to share with you.

Happy gardening from farmer Paul!