Affordable and Portable Garden Greenhouses

With Summer coming to a close, many gardens are in their final stages for the year. There are some vegetables that will continue to grow and produce until the first frost. Although there are some Fall crops to take advantage of, there are ways to extend the growing season.

Many commercial growers have the luxury of having large, elaborate greenhouses for extending their growing season in the Fall and getting that very important early start in the Spring.

The average gardener wanting to take advantage of an early start or extending the season has a few options available to them.

First, there are various size greenhouse kits available for gardeners. Although depending on size and options, such as size, heat, and blowers, it can can get expensive.

Another more cost effective option that is frequently used is using a “hoop” system.

This is basically using a flexible plastic pipe material that is bent into a “u” shape to form hoops. The hoops are installed in series with a predetermined spacing between them. Once erected, a 4 or 6 mil clear plastic sheeting is stretched over the frame and anchored at the ground to create a seal.

These systems are effective, but depending on their size, can involve considerable work and the smaller ones can sometimes be inconvenient for access.

Finally, there is an easy and very affordable alternative.

“Garden Commander Products” offers a system that is designed for raised beds or conventional gardens. Simply position the individual Garden Commander frames over the crop to be protected. Then cover the frames with clear plastic sheeting. 4 mil. is more than adequate, and can be found at most hardware stores. Rolls available in 6 foot widths are ideal. Once covered, be sure that the sheeting extends to the ground to create a seal. The ends can be weighted down, or for a perfect fit, another frame placed over the first frame with the plastic sheeting in between, as the frames nest together perfectly.

We suggest opening the ends during the day for ventilation and closing them at night to the retain the days heat. It’s the very same principal as a commercial greenhouse but at a fraction of the cost.